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Pinguino Wash offers a compact technology designed to contain spaces without jeopardising the performance being easy to house within stainless steel modular cabinets in two different sizes.

Depending on the number of wash bays (from 2 to 4) and the configuration, the 3 or 4 doormodule will be used.

It is also possible to house the technology within a technical room.

All of the functionality of Penguin Wash is managed by a latest generation PLC.

pinguino verde
pinguino verde
pinguino verde

General Features

  • From 2 to 4 washing bays
  • Technology housing : Inside 1 or 2 stainless steel technical cabinets to be inserted between each bay
    In technical room with fireproof precompressed panels and insulated, 50mm thickness
    On Skid stainless steel structure for inserting inside existing technical room
  • Till 7 washing programs: Pre-wash, brush, rinse, spot-free (standard programs)
    Rim washing, chemical pre-wash, wax, Rain-x (optionals)
  • Water treatment system assembled inside cabinet or technical room or on skid structure composed by: volumetric regeneration duplex water-softener for the production of soft water, osmosis system for the production of osmotic water.
  • Soft water directly supplied without storing
  • Osmosis water storing in tank inserted into cabinet or technical room or on skid structure with capacity of 140L, for 2/3 bays, and of 300L, for 4 bays installations.
  • Osmotic water pressurization through centrifuge pump controlled by PLC
  • Hot water producer: for the sole brush system through electric boiler
    For brush and pre-wash through heater with possibility of Methane/GPL gas, diesel, electric supplying
  • For every bay, high pressure group with 1 speed engine and INTERPUMP pump (for cold pre-wash) or CAT (for hot pre-wash) of 12L/m 110 bar; speed controlled through inverter, mounted on bumpers
  • Pre-wash shampoo through electronic dosing pump for every bay
  • Brush shampoo through single proportional electronic dosing pump
  • Rim wash through single proportional pneumatic pump
  • Chemical pre-wash through single proportional pneumatic pump
  • Wax program through single proportional electronic dosing pump
  • Rain-X program through single proportional electronic dosing pump
  • Anti-freeze circuit for lance and brush
  • Anti-freeze closed circuit recirculation system and safety system for the anti-freeze functionality in case of electricity absence
  • Foam effect for brush through venturi system
  • PLC electrical panel and possibility of touch screen manual operator board insertion
  • Pushbutton : payment services activation with different prices management, credit introduction through electronic token machine and loyal payments systems through keys or chip card
  • Pushbuttons fixing: n.2 built-in on part of the technical room for potential 3rd or 4th floor bay with stainless steel support, and with SKID technology all with stainless steel support
  • Pushbutton Anti-freeze and anti-condensate system
  • Bay fitting completed with: lances and brushes for chemical products supplying with stainless steel bins for lances and brushes, connection hoses and turning arms
  • Bays structure wholly made in hot-dip galvanized steel with possibility of epoxy or powder painting
  • Covered structure outfitting with ABS plastic or Aluminium fairings
  • Washing Heights 2700 mm (piste coperte) 4200 (piste scoperte)
  • Bays width : 5000mm technology in technical cabinet, 4500mm or 5000mm technology in technical room
  • Bays lighting through neon or led overhead lights