Autoequip Lavaggi

Car Washes since 1963


Pinguino Verde (now at its 5th series) is the "AUTOEQUIP LAVAGGI Self-Service" proposal with technology placed inside a technical room (specially structured container).

Pinguino Verde M340, can handle from 2 to 8 wash bays, and is available in two versions that are stand out for the different use of detergents, liquid or powder and related work functions. For the pre-wash and brush functions the hot water is produced through a boiler that can be either gas (LPG or CNG) or diesel fuel. For installations up to a maximum of 5 bays electrical generators are also available.

Pinguino Green EL234 allows the management of 2 to 4 wash bays and thanks to special fittings and a targeted selection of components is a model offering more contained costs. The hot water for the washing functions is guaranteed with gas-fuelled boilers (LPG or CNG).

pinguino verde
pinguino verde
pinguino verde
pinguino verde

Pinguino Verde L General Features

  • From 2 to 8 washing bays
  • Technology housing:
    In technical room with fireproof precompressed panels and insulated, 50mm thickness
    On Skid stainless steel structure for inserting inside existing technical room
  • Till 7 washing programs: Pre-wash, brush, rinse, spot-free (standard programs)
    Rim washing, chemical pre-wash, wax, Rain-x (optionals)
  • Water treatment system assembled inside proper skid composed by: volumetric regeneration duplex water-softener for the production of soft water, osmosis system for the production of osmotic water.
  • Soft water and osmosis water storing inside external ground tanks with possibility to insert into technical room till 4 bays installations.
  • Osmotic and soft water pressurization through centrifuge pumps controlled by electronic die-flux device
  • Mains water storing inside external ground tanks
  • Mains water pressurization with submerged pump and autoclave
  • Hot water producer with possibility of Methane/GPL gas supplying (or Electrical max. 5 bays)
  • For every bay, high pressure group with 1 speed engine and CAT pump of 12L/m 110 bar; speed controlled through inverter, mounted on bumpers and with stainless steel trays to contain any water leaks
  • Pre-wash shampoo through electronic dosing pump for every bay
  • Brush shampoo through single proportional electronic dosing pump
  • Rim wash through single proportional pneumatic pump
  • Chemical pre-wash through single proportional pneumatic pump
  • Wax program through single proportional electronic dosing pump
  • Rain-X program through single proportional electronic dosing pump
  • 1 container each chemical product
  • Anti-freeze circuit for lance and brush
  • Anti-freeze closed circuit recirculation system and safety system for the anti-freeze functionality in case of electricity absence
  • 25L air compressor for brush foam effect and pneumatic pumps function.
  • PLC electrical panel and possibility of touch screen manual operator board insertion
  • Pushbutton : payment services activation with different prices management, credit introduction through electronic token machine and loyal payments systems through keys or chip card
  • Floor pushbuttons fixing with stainless steel support
  • Pushbutton Anti-freeze and anti-condensate system
  • Bay fitting completed with: lances and brushes for chemical products supplying with stainless steel bins for lances and brushes, connection hoses and turning arms
  • Bays structure wholly made in hot-dip galvanized steel with possibility of epoxy or powder painting
  • Covered structure outfitting with ABS plastic or Aluminium fairings
  • Washing Heights 2700 m (covered bays) 4200 mm (uncovered bays)
  • Bays width : 4500mm o 5000mm
  • Bays lighting through neon or led overhead lights