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Conveyor - XL

Within the vast choice offered by the field, the CONVEYOR washing systems, offer the best solution for those who need to deal with many vehicles a day also guaranteeing a high washing quality.

The new XL CONVEYOR offers a larger structure, enabling easy access to the wide range of vehicles currently on the market. The AUTOEQUIP CONVEYORS derive from a 45-year experience in the specific technology.

The AE.5, AE.7 and AE.8 models represent the standard range offering an increasing level of performance and can be equipped with numerous extras in order to obtain a customization of the system thus ensuring excellent results.

Ability to work up to 60 vehicles/hour. With tilted beams system with brushes. Gravity operated, the only one in its kind with very low maintenance.

tunnel xl

General Features

Configuration Examples

Esempi di configurazione tunnel xl Esempi di configurazione tunnel xl Esempi di configurazione tunnel xl Esempi di configurazione tunnel xl Esempi di configurazione tunnel xl Esempi di configurazione tunnel xl Esempi di configurazione tunnel xl
  • 3 standard types:
    AE5 (4 side brushes + 1 top brush)
    AE7 (4 side brushes + 1 top brush + 2 longitudinal scissor rim washers)
    AE8 (4 side brushes + 2 top brushes + 2 longitudinal scissor rim whashers)
  • Hot-dip galavnized and painted structure
  • Side brushes with patented moving system GSC (Gravity control system) and electronic management
  • Top brush with electronic management
  • Chemical products distribution arches: wax, shampoo, chemical pre-wash, Auto-Lux, rim, magic foamer.
  • Electronic control through PLC
  • Entrance/Exit traffic lights
  • Changeable chain speed
  • Mono or multi program machine
  • Pre-chain, automatic car entering system inside the tunnel
  • Side or top "classical" high pressure through fan nozzles, depending on the chosen configuration
  • Total high pressure "zero jet" through zero jet nozzles, depending on the chosen configuration
  • "Wheel Tracker" high pressure that follows the rim with translating moving
  • Anti-Scratch brushes
  • Possibility through additional conveyor/structure module to extend the tunnel to the desired length, adding half brushes and complete brushes, additional arches, pre-drying and additional drying devices
  • All Tunnels can be equipped with: coverings, side glasses, side insulations, aluminium or ABS fittings, also personalized.
  • Wide possibilities to create washing installations completed with technical room, corridors, pre-wash room
  • Washing heights: 2100 mm 2400 mm 2700 mm
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