Autoequip Lavaggi

Car Washes since 1963


Tanker Wash Industrial Car Washes

Monogantry e AE.5 /45/CM 4 side brushes + 1 roof brush with maximum washing height of 4500 mm. Hot galvanized gantry structure, 27 meter rails.

Two pairs of motorised side brushes: standard side brushes with the possibility of brushing on the front and rear of the vehicle in an intense washing action and back roof brushes short and shaped with motor-driven action, to better fit the tanker contour. Electronic management via PLC.

Equipped with Basic Operator Panel for programming and wash counter functions.

Unique in its kind with 5 brushes at the final customer's service, an external tanker truck washing able to ensure a good washing result thanks to the 2 shaped side brushes dedicated exclusively to the tanker trucks.


General Features

  • Industrial 5 brushes single gantry (2 long side + 1 top + 2 half vertical shaped brushes) motorized translation, for truck and tanker washing
  • Only one wash height 4500 mm
  • Hot-dip galvanized structure
  • Rotating side high pressure
  • Fix or rotating undercarriage washing device
  • Short cycle program
  • Tractor washing program
  • Skip pedestrian safety mirror program
  • Automatic anti-freeze device
  • Water, shampoo, chemical pre-wash, wax, osmosis
  • Washing height: 4500 mm