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Car Washes since 1963


Welcome to the Net World.
The most advances car washing systems worldwide.

The new generation of NET gantries goes beyond any compromise: technological heart and exclusive design together imprint the new features of the systems to revolutionize the concept of Car Wash. Giugiaro Design endorses NET by using his creative pencil from the projects for the automotive industry to those for the aftermarket, creating a new aesthetical blend between two microareas that belong to the same universe.

 new generation Car Washes net
 technological heart Car Washes net
Car Washes net
insegna luminosa

General Features

  • Gantry design and stylistic concept by Giugiaro
  • Gantry Frame base (hot-dip galvanized painted \ stainless steel)
  • Motorized side/top brushes moving
  • Profile following Contour drying with stainless steel blower, fixed or tilting
  • Side drying
  • Luminous 3D display
  • TOUCH - SCREEN operator terminal
  • Electronic control with PLC
  • Photocells \ Led multicolour traffic light group vehicle positioning with light intensity regulation
  • Pick-up washing program and tow-hook safety system
  • Frontal and side doors for better accessibility, inspection and minimal maintenance time
  • Discover system (AE patented), alternatively with traditional telescopic bristled wheel washer
  • Inverter, top brush motorized translation, side brushes, drying opening and gantry translation, with single dedicated inverter
  • Tilting device to tilt side brushes up to 20°
  • Side high pressure (fixed or oscillating) with or without pneumatic valve
  • Bi-directional, tilting or "power HP" boosted Contour Top high pressure (profile following)
  • High pressure rack 1 or 2 pumps, depending on the chosen configuration
  • Fixed or oscillating undercarriage wash
  • PE (polyethylene) anti-scratch brushes
  • Revolutionary RAIN-X arch
  • Protective wax AUTOLUX arch
  • Vectorial top brush
  • Automatic anti-freeze system
  • washing heights - 2300 mm - 2500 mm - 2800 mm