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LAP Industrial Car Washes

The LAP system is the best solution for washing bus fleets. Its main characteristic consists in being able to wash the vehicles through a continuous cycle being able to work totally in auto mode.

A traffic light is placed at the system entry and informs the operator on the possibility to access the washing, automatically activating via photocells when the vehicle enters the system.


General Features

  • Through wash machine for buses, 4 or 5 brushes
  • Washing heights depending on the chosen wash type, from 3500 mm to 4200 mm
  • Hot-dip galvanized structure
  • PE (polyethylene) brushes
  • PLC electronic control
  • Manual operator board and operator terminal
  • Traffic light at the entrance
  • Rotating side high pressure
  • Fix or rotating undercarriage washing
  • Side or top drying, depending on the requested type
  • Automatic anti-freeze
  • Water, Shampoo, chemical pre-wash, wax, osmosis arch.
  • Washing heights, depending on the chosen wash type: 3500 mm - 4200 mm