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Cambus AE.3 Industrial Washing Installations

Monoportale a 2 spazzole verticaliSingle gantry system, 2 side brushes + 1 roof brush available in two models AE.3 /40/CM with 4000 mm maximum washing height and AE.3 /45/CM with 4500 mm maximum height.

Hot-dip galvanised construction, 24 metres rails. Motorised brushes. Possibility of wiping on the front and rear of the vehicle in an intense washing action.

Electronic management via PLC. Equipped with Basic Operator Panel for programming and washcycle functions.


General Features

  • Single gantry machine for trucks/buses washing, in two types:
    CAMBUS AE2 (2 motorized sides brushes)
    CAMBUS AE3 (2 side + 1 top motorized brushes)
  • Whole Hot-dip galvanized structure
  • PE (polyethylene) Brushes
  • PLC electronic control
  • Manual operator board and operator terminal
  • Side high pressure, depending on the chosen configuration
  • All-around high pressure, depending on the chosen configuration
  • Fixed or rotating Undercarriage washing
  • Possibility of side drying for windows zone
  • Short cycle program
  • Cars and vans washing program
  • Skip pedestrian safety mirror
  • Chemical pre-wash
  • Tractor washing program
  • Automatic Anti-freeze system
  • Water, Shampoo, chemical pre-wash, wax, osmosis arch.
  • Washing heights 4000 mm - 4200 mm - 4500 mm