Autoequip Lavaggi

Car Washes since 1963


NET-FLY HYDRO HP (touch less)
Car wash gantries with high pressure

NET-FLY HYDRO HP Autoequip gantry ensures a high wash quality with its innovative All-around High Pressure Combined System.
The NET-FLY HYDRO HP real innovation consists of a pair of translating arcs (Autoequip patented) that follow the side of the vehicle at a constant distance.
The Top Contour high pressure system, mounted on the drying blower, which follows the silhouette of the vehicle, tilting for a more direct action, completes the cycle.
Just with the action of the high pressure, the wash result is already surprising.

immagine di autolavaggio net HP
immagine di autolavaggio fly HP
immagine di autolavaggio fly HP